1. extisis's Avatar
    Thread title: WTS
    Item Description: Brand new in box and sealed! BlackBerry Factory Unlocked White version Z10 with data cable, battery, charger adapter, and headphones.
    Will only ship to Paypal-verified addresses.
    Price: Initial Bid Price: $199 Current Bid: $262 (12/22/2013)
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked
    Condition: Brand New
    Includes: Data cable, charger adapter and headphones
    Item Location: Florida, USA
    Shipping Details: *FREE Shipping (to domestic locations)
    Payment Options: PayPal
    Additional Info: If reserve is not met, will re-post this item in the marketplace exclusively. Auction ends in less than 24 hours.

    BlackBerry Z10 Pure White Factory Unlocked Brand-new/Sealed-_57.jpg
    12-22-13 08:44 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    G'luck with your sale!
    12-23-13 02:57 PM
  3. extisis's Avatar
    G'luck with your sale!
    thank you. auction just ended but buyer hasn't responded to my e-mails. giving him a fair warning and if he/she doesn't pull through, this phone will be back up for sale.
    12-24-13 11:23 PM
  4. anon(5928073)'s Avatar
    Man I want this phone! I'll trade you my lumia for it its in the marketplace!
    12-24-13 11:55 PM
  5. extisis's Avatar
    not looking for another phone thanks, already have my Z10 and sticking with it just looking for cash for this one. it seems the buyer of my ebay auction didn't pay up and isn't answering my e-mails so it seems this phone is still up for grabs if anyone is still interested.
    12-26-13 11:45 PM
  6. extisis's Avatar
    Still for sale.... i'll put up my asking price of $275 with free shipping O.B.O. $$ offers please. oh, and I don't really favor using PayPal much anymore to accept payments (they're thieves!) so PM me and we will discuss/negotiate.
    12-27-13 01:33 AM
  7. extisis's Avatar
    12-27-13 10:31 PM
  8. extisis's Avatar
    absolutely no one wants a new white z10?
    12-28-13 05:03 PM
  9. anon(1852343)'s Avatar

    Q10 with Leak Installed
    12-28-13 05:06 PM
  10. anon(5928073)'s Avatar
    My trade is still up for it!
    12-28-13 06:11 PM
  11. extisis's Avatar
    looking to sell.. $150 if it was used so, no. i could make more $$ selling through other means in south america, if no one is interested here- you can close this thread. thanks anyway.
    12-29-13 11:49 AM
  12. extisis's Avatar
    a $250 bump
    01-05-14 03:27 PM
  13. anon(5928073)'s Avatar
    Hey extisis. I may have a buyer for my lumia. If so, I'll buy for 190. Let me know.
    01-05-14 04:42 PM
  14. extisis's Avatar
    Hey extisis. I may have a buyer for my lumia. If so, I'll buy for 190. Let me know.
    lol that would have me paying for you to have this phone. i'll keep it if that's the case.
    01-05-14 05:01 PM
  15. extisis's Avatar
    somebody just sold a used black Z10 for $225.. surely someone would want a white one for around that price? bump....
    01-10-14 12:57 PM
  16. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    I would jump on this one but I couldn't sell my wife's iphone 5. If you were looking to trade I could probably do something. Yeah I'm a little bummed. LOL
    01-10-14 02:50 PM
  17. extisis's Avatar
    just want to remind everyone this is a brand new, SEALED product. never touched, never even been laid eyes on. it's as if you bought it at the store. just a reminder, so people won't think this phone is used for some reason. i already own and love my Z10, just looking to get rid of this one, thanks!
    01-10-14 04:25 PM
  18. anon(1852343)'s Avatar
    $175 highest I can go

    Q10 with Leak Installed
    01-11-14 01:49 AM

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