1. xxsashixx's Avatar
    Item Description: Blackberry Classic SQC100-4
    Price: $400 or will trade for STA100-5 Z30 Black
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Factory Unlocked
    Condition: Mint 10/10
    Includes: Box w/Accessories & OEM Softshell case & SyncPod
    Item Location: Canada
    Shipping Details: Buyer pays for shipping
    Payment Options: Paypal
    Additional Info: Reason for sell or trade - My company will refuse to give me a nanosim so I have to go back to using a microsim based phone (Z30)
    BlackBerry Classic SQC100-4.-20150315100541-1-.jpgBlackBerry Classic SQC100-4.-20150315100607-1-.jpg
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below
    03-15-15 12:08 PM
  2. RubenDM's Avatar
    I have a Z30.
    But it is sta 100-2, and i'm from Belgium...
    Not possible i guess

    Posted via CB10
    03-15-15 12:28 PM
  3. xxsashixx's Avatar
    Sorry must be STA100-5 as that is compatible with my carrier
    03-15-15 12:37 PM
  4. quorky's Avatar
    PM sent
    03-15-15 07:06 PM
  5. MoeR15's Avatar
    PM sent.
    03-15-15 07:44 PM
  6. BergerKing's Avatar
    Status bump.
    04-05-15 10:19 PM
  7. Jvaf's Avatar
    What about a Q10 + cash. I'm in Toronto.

    Posted via CB10
    04-10-15 03:02 PM
  8. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Status Bump. PM sent.
    04-23-15 08:13 AM
  9. krazyatom's Avatar

    I have z30 sta100-5 white if you're interested. It also comes with black battery cover.

    Posted via CB10
    04-23-15 10:03 AM
  10. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    I have a STA-05 Black pm sent yesterday. Let me know. screen protector and flip case and other stuff.
    04-24-15 07:42 AM
  11. Judyam's Avatar
    I will have an UNUSED Asurian replacement Z30 ( 10/10) in a few days also have a few accessories and also some R u interested? Also have a 9.5 Q10 with several cawes and an UNused Asurian replacement (10/10) 10 locked to TMO. Does any of this.interest u for the Classic?

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-15 05:23 PM
  12. Judyam's Avatar
    OH -Darn . I just noticed u have a SQN 1004 + that wont work on BZN will it? need a Verizon Classic, so unless this is a VZN branded one

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-15 05:25 PM
  13. Judyam's Avatar
    I mean VZN (not BZN)

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-15 05:26 PM
  14. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    Status bump. New in box. STA 5 avail for trade.
    04-26-15 10:47 PM
  15. xxsashixx's Avatar
    Sorry! never checked my posts. Please close as it has been sold

    Thanks and SORRY
    04-27-15 06:26 AM

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