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    Buy, Sell, Trade Feedback - POSTING RULES AND GUIDELINES

    This forum is to be used for feedback for transactions conducted using the CrackBerry.com Buy, Sell, Trade Forum. We hope this will aid as a tool when entering transactions as a buyer or seller to prevent scams and help to insure mutually safe transactions.

    To post feedback in this forum, a minimum post count of 50 is required.

    Please do not bash other members or flame them in these forums. If you had a negative experience with another member, please try your best to resolve the issue before posting negative feedback. Keep your details neat and concise. State your issues & resolution and leave it at that. As always, these posts may be edited or deleted at a moderator's discretion.

    ALL posts must follow the proper format. If you don't post in the proper format, you will be asked to edit your post. If do not, your post will be removed. Keep in mind these threads are for feedback only. Do not attempt to resolve your issues here. Please keep the threads clean so other users may navigate them quickly.

    Please use the format below when posting feedback. If a thread already exists for a user, please post in the existing thread and do not start an additional thread.

    Your post must include:
    • Proper title
    • Member's name
    • Transaction date
    • Item (with a link to the original listing to verify the transaction)
    • Feedback details

    Thread title: Feedback for azeis - POSITIVE

    Username: azeis
    Transaction Date: 2/9/09
    Item: AT&T Unlocked Blackberry Bold
    Feedback: I purchased a Bold from azeis and it arrived quickly as promised. No issues at all!



    Thread title: Feedback for ScammerNumberNine - NEGATIVE

    Username: ScammerNumberNine
    Transaction Date: 2/9/09
    Item: iPhone 3G Unlocked
    Feedback: I sent a $400 Paypal payment to this user and received an apple sticker in the mail. I've tried numerous times to contact the seller, however he will not respond to me via email. I have file a claim with Paypal and luckily will be getting my money back. BEWARE!!

    Providing false feedback for any member in order to influence a transaction will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.

    Users may request to have multiple feedback threads merged to create a unified feedback to link in their signature, if desired. Simply request which threads you need merged, and a team member can handle that for you.
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