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    Please forgive me if I'm jumping the gun, here, but in lieu of an eminent Office 2013 u/g come the new year (if the Mayans were wrong), was hoping to get this straight: Will BBCS work with Office365 (O365) "Small Business Premium?" [**** BB10 is NOT a consideration here. Just want to make sure my OS7 email/contacts/calendar synchs work. I'm sure BB10 info will trickle in once it's released. ****]

    I realize many have gone around needing the "Enterprise I" plan ($8/mo) in favor of the Personal ($4/mo) hosted Exchange alone. After what I went through to get things working, I happily pay the extra $48/yr to not go through it again! That said, the $150/yr. "Small Business Premium" package seems to reflect all the perks of the "Enterprise I" plan (which is still officially purported to be needed for BBCS to work), on top of acquiring the desktop/local installations of the Office 2013 suite. MS is aggressively pushing the "software as service" model, here.

    Ideally, us "Enterprise" plan folks would get an "upgrade offer" to pay the $54 difference per year and get the installer downloads, but given my experience with Win8 thus far (not bad...not great), I'm not hopeful. In the end, I just want things to work, and if I can save a few bucks while I'm at it, I think we're all on board with that.

    Thanks in advance for any and all info!

    - M (BB by Choice, and eagerly awaiting the BB10 devices!)
    10-27-12 05:22 PM

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