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    Hello folks, I'm new here. Glad such a forum exists as I have lots of questions

    First, I have a personal BlackBerry Pearl that I have my gmail account hooked to. Works like a charm. I recently received an 8703e from work for business use using the the BES service(through Sprint). My question is, if I were to hook my gmail account up, would the folks at work know this? My goal is to get rid of one device and this would make things quite easy. It would also save me $20 a month.

    Also, do internet requests go through my corporate network? The reason I ask is because I'm able to request intranet pages. Anyway, thanks in advance.

    I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here.
    05-07-07 06:22 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!

    Touchy subject this one. In one breath, no, BUT, if they into heavy log/activity checking, then yes...

    Also, since the device is connected to BES, ALL the data belongs to the company, even your personal email. Plus, if they run an I.T. Policy (like I do), you won't be able to run/install anything - really depends on how strick they are with it...

    ps: always remember this. When a device is connected to a corporate BES, the data/content is never yours EVEN IF YOU BOUGHT THE BLACKBERRY WITH YOUR OWN MONEY.
    05-07-07 07:14 PM
  3. shoesobjects's Avatar
    Interesting. I haven't tried to hook up personal email so it is possible they have it blocked. They do have a policy where I can't install anything

    I guess I'm stuck with two devices.

    So does all my data travel through the corporate network, even browsing?
    05-08-07 11:28 AM
  4. kasperapd's Avatar
    Yes, and they can pretty much track everything you do.
    05-08-07 12:00 PM
  5. shoesobjects's Avatar
    interesting, i notice that if i use the blackberry browser, I can get to my intranet sites, but if i use the regular internet browser i can't. It's like the blackberry browser goes through my network but the other does not.

    The other thing that I wonder about is how a gmail account would go through my BES. Basically it would be between my device and RIM. I do realize that my company could see the service book entry on the device and bust me that way though

    To be honest, I don't even know if I'd be against the policy. I'm more curious how it works.

    05-08-07 12:09 PM
  6. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Anything not approved by the company is against policy! If you know someone in your I.T department, I would confer with them, thus getting 'some type of approval'...

    Am lucky since I help run the server! Ha...

    With Gmail connected, it talks to GMail-to-RIM-to-Your BlackBerry. Layman's terms, of course, 'audit01' could probably explain it better than me. I don't thing GMail goes through your BES, not sure why it would need to...
    05-08-07 12:41 PM
  7. audit's Avatar
    GMail does not go through the BES unless your forwarding it to your BES account.
    05-08-07 01:07 PM
  8. shoesobjects's Avatar
    so would it not be noticed then by the IT dept? Can they query the service books listed on my phone?
    05-08-07 02:05 PM
  9. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I've checked mine, and I can't see my GMail service book, through BES. But, having said that, I've not dug deep into the logs...

    It's back to my original post, it's all to do with how 'deep' the company checks/keeps up with it's I.T. BES Policy...

    Don't say Navilyn didn't warn you!
    05-08-07 02:23 PM
  10. audit's Avatar
    I haven't seen anything in my logs related to gGMail logging on the server if your using the gMail app or using BIS for gMail. And I'm about as anal as you can get for logging and controling what goes on in my network and on my servers.
    05-08-07 03:08 PM
  11. shoesobjects's Avatar
    I would be using the standard push email from gmail -> RIM -> BB device itself. What about auditing the handheld? Is there a way to see what push email is "installed"?

    This is really cool technology. I had no idea it was this complex before I got my device. The ability to browse the intranet is truly magic
    05-08-07 03:28 PM
  12. audit's Avatar
    If your doing Gmail forwarding to your BIS then nobody will see that in the logs. I haven't seen it in mine at least. If I'm wrong then I'm sure someone will correct me.
    05-09-07 09:48 AM
  13. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Nope, Audit is right on! I've just double checked, and see nothing about GMail in the logs...
    05-09-07 10:05 AM
  14. DANRUBE's Avatar
    I have one pc at the office and want to buy blackberry 8800 model. If I get BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express and install on my one standalone PC

    for the purpose of only accessing PC from Blackberry. I want to have access to files, and email ( Chaos Intellect is my PIM email calendar) I am not using email server. I want the security of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express otherwise I would use Virtual Network Computing (VNC) but I understand this is not secure enough. Ultimately purpose will be use with Idokorro Mobile Desktop to gain access to my desktop.

    any suggestions on this and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express without email server Will this situation serve my purpose

    Thanks in advance
    05-23-07 11:37 AM
  15. supercarl's Avatar
    Sorry to dig up an old thread, however personal data security is a concern of mine seeing as I will be paying for the phone and tarrif but not controlling the BES.

    Can you please confirm whether, if we connect to BES, GMAIL, Facebook, GPS logs (as it is downloaded over 'net) etc will be recorded? Also, will the internet history appear in BES logs? Any way to prevent this?

    Thanks, and apologies if obvious, I'm new...!

    03-09-08 04:02 AM
  16. lush242000's Avatar
    I think from reading what the knowledgable and IT educated folks are saying is that if you are truly concerned about privacy, then stay off of BES. You could always just run a BIS and set your work email to forward to that account. You would not be able to respond from your work account (right?) but you would get your work email and truly have privacy in regards to work.
    03-09-08 08:46 AM
  17. knedeau's Avatar
    I bought my BB curve this week and have the Sprint "everything Data" plan that includes BIS. Now, I would like to get my work mail on my BB, and the IT dept. said I need a CAL license. (90 bucks).

    I'm wondering, do I also need to get BES through sprint or will the CAL just work with the Company's BES?

    04-23-09 09:45 AM
  18. mars246's Avatar
    You will need the BES feature from sprint along with paying for the cal. If you pay them for the cal you need to find out if they are going to want you to pay for support of that cal each year.
    04-23-09 03:06 PM