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    let me start by saying i am a former BB employee who loved his BB and preferred that phone and OS over others
    but i now work at a CANADIAN financial services company and recently had to surrender my BB to carry an iphone as they migrated from BES to Worx
    a canadian financial services company that is so security paranoid that you cannot even use usb devices, or web mail.
    Went to a less secure device, using a less effective and less feature rich MDM
    for right or wrong - they did so because they feared BB would no longer be around.
    the IT department is anti BB and looked for any excuse to oust it.
    after using the iphone and Worx for a week now - here is my impression

    the IOS out of box process is horrendous - reboots, at least 3 separate passwords, created, used as well as apple id - which when i gave 3 different passwords that meet their policy - they rejected them as 'too simple' - if BB had done that you would never hear the end of it.
    first install attempt failed with no reason given - required a visit to IT - it was a problem known to them but not shared with the company
    as a user [not an admin] the feature set is thread bare - have to login so often with an unusable 8 digit pin that i find my self going back to 1998 to check email on my desktop as opposed to this supposed state of the art mobile device. zero notification of incoming messages [i wont even touch on the cockblocking IOS does to bbm] and a calendar that wont even notify me of a meeting or allow me to join the bridge via my device

    so a security paranoid canadian company went with an MDM that is what BES was in about 2008, that does not support BYOD and certainly doesnt support BB10, simply because a handful of people feared BB would not be around in 3 years and would not commit to the handset or MDM

    this irrational fear overruled rational thought and quantitative comparison of features

    this does not bode well for BB as a enterprise based software company
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    03-09-16 08:01 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    I've decided to move your thread to a different section, as it has nothing to do with BES per se... You have migrated to Citrix as far as I understand it...
    03-09-16 08:43 AM
  3. martinjdub's Avatar
    Preaching to to choir.

    As a former BES4-12 / Wireless Administrator for a large Canadian gov and now a Security Analyst there, I've see the same shift in my organization as well.

    'The sky is falling' of uneducated attitudes towards the brand have defined BlackBerry's foothold I our environment and not in a positive manner.

    I'm not going to rant forever (cause I could) but what will say is this :
    - We invited the fancy free iPhone into the environment and now we scramble to make them secure with half *** measures and solutions.
    - it's just a matter of time before there's a data breach on our iPhone(s) and I'll be standing there laughing, saying I told you so.
    - If you watch closely , iPhone are changing into the corporate issued BlackBerry everyone hated yea ago...for better or worse.
    03-09-16 08:51 AM
  4. dave66's Avatar
    exactly - and i for one have no idea why

    poor battery life
    an unintuitive UI [finding favourites in a browser or turning on notifications is baffling]
    and the worlds most expensive device has no gorilla glass? and everyone is ok with this?

    as for Worx, wow i expected so much more from citrix, like the company but i cannot believe this would win an objective comparison.

    it is just so sad to me that iphones are the driver to lower corp security and real professional usefulness. they value snapchat over seamless mobile conferencing - just sucha sad statement
    03-09-16 11:49 AM

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