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    In recents BlackBerry Post we have seen stories where companies are getting away from BYOD and coming back all the way to BlackBerry devices and BES. These decisions were supported by cost savings, and many of us were simply wondering were and how they could had get these cost savings numbers.

    Well may be this article from CIO could answer many of them.


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    08-01-13 07:11 PM
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    Certainly paints some ugly pictures, doesn't it? Good scenario for Balance.
    08-01-13 07:21 PM
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    Slides 1-4 are all part of an effective strategy going in, and effective back end management. For non compliant devices (which should be caught immediately), your first stop to fix that is to reprimand/discipline your admin staff. ZERO excuse for that.

    Slide 5 cannot be prevented with Balance. if Balance is locked, the camera saves to personal. This goes to employee education and people paying attention in meetings.

    Slide 6 is VERY accurate, and this hidden cost of BYOD has been well documented, but still difficult to avoid.

    Slide 7 also cannot be prevented with Balance. Texting is texting, and while it can be audited on the BES (for instance), it still happens.

    Slide 8 this can be caught with proper controls as well. For instance, last contact time in the BES is a good start. Usage reports should also be done for voice and data if applicable to make sure employees are using their devices

    Slide 9 training, training, training

    Slide 10 you could, if worried about this, disable work access after hours. But this is no different than a corporate owned device, and not really a BYOD problem. Also setting expectations, following local, state, federal laws regarding overtime, etc is a best way to prevent this.

    Slide 11 THIS is the perfect Balance scenario for data. However, voice becomes very difficult without a full audit

    Slide 12 Poor oversight by your IT team. Nothing more nothing less. See usage and last contact report point above to avoid this.

    Slide 13 Proper IT policies for work side of the device (either Balance or application) can prevent this just as it can on a corporate device. Not a BYOD problem

    All in all much of this can be easily mitigated or eliminated, the other issues generally are the same you have with Corporate owned equipment. BYOD does not solve these issues, it was never designed to. I personally am against BYOD for simple manageability difficulties, but it unfortunately isnt going there.
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    08-01-13 07:44 PM

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