1. iceblackfire's Avatar
    I bought a Blackberry 9310 curve love the phone. I order a nice case but in the mean time I stuff up the screen bad thanks to my money clip. I tried to buff it out with poly watch buffing stuff. I like to just pop on the old one and put a whole new one it but so far no luck finding one online. Blackberry change the layout buttons to keys it looks from the 8530 to the 9310 so I cant find a replacement? Any help oh great god of blackberry????
    08-05-12 06:31 PM
  2. Novaone's Avatar
    Hey man post a picture or two if you can ie with screen on and off. But seeing as the these 93xx series are new, there are like no OEM parts to buy yet, I just looked.

    So I think you will have to look around and try a few screen protectors- they can some times appear to fill the scratch or make them invisible. Best you can do for now.
    08-14-12 04:31 AM