1. Blitz_Empire's Avatar
    I'm confused why already there is negativity for this new plan that is being offered for the 9310. Boost Mobile charges $45 for Unlimited Talk and Text. So you are getting their cheapest unlimited plan, plus access to BBM. And of course you get shrinkage. I don't see how that is a rip. If you want unlimited data, grab the $60 plan.
    06-27-12 09:55 AM
  2. Pete6's Avatar
    Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint. So if you like Sprint, you may like Boost too.

    One thing that Boost used to do and I hope that they have stopped it was to insist that you bought a Boost phone when you first signed up. I wondered if Sprint was using this ploy to deplete their exess inventory of out of date BlackBerrys. An unworthy thought maybe.
    06-27-12 10:05 AM
  3. Blitz_Empire's Avatar
    I am a long time Sprint/Boost customer. When the article went up this morning here on Crackberry that this device was being released and is available with Boost's cheapest "unlimited plan" I for one was excited. Boost has offered a $45 Unlimited Talk and Text plan for a while, but that plan was not available to customers with Blackberry devices....now it is available WITH the added bonus of being able to use BBM. This $45 does not include data, just BBM and of course you still have the ability to use Wi-Fi. This means Boost is now offering a Blackberry on a plan that is meant for feature phones. In other words, this is AWESOME news. Boost of course still offers the $60 Blackberry plan that has unlimited talk, text AND data. So instead of people realizing they now have more flexible plan options, they say it is a rip off. This doesn't make sense to me.

    Be excited people. Stop complaining. The 9310 will cost $99 off contract with 2 rather cheap plans available.
    06-27-12 03:34 PM
  4. blue_k's Avatar
    The $45 plan isn't bad, but I wish they would include unlimited data. I fall into the group that doesn't use many talk minutes, but uses a lot of text, bbm and data. So, I don't understand why they don't just also include a plan like Virgin Mobile USA, where there, you can get 300 mins, and unlimited text and data for $35. Right now I have an 8530 with Virgin Mobile USA, but REALLY wanted this 9310. So apparently it's either lose the unlimited cellular data, and get charged $10 more, or basically double the cost of my plan. Now I am near wifi a lot, so maybe it's not too bad, but when I'm not near wifi, that could be a problem. I like streaming music on the go, so I don't know.
    07-02-12 11:42 AM
  5. raino's Avatar
    They're not giving a whole lot, really. A 75MB social plan on Verizon is $10, and in addition to BBM, it includes FB, Twitter, MySpace, AIM, Google Talk, WLM, and YM (all BIS based). All I saw in the Boost plan was BBM. That alone can't be worth more than $5. Good plan, but not great.

    Now if they really don't charge roaming outside the US for BBM as the article seemed to indicate, then that's something.
    07-02-12 02:03 PM
  6. JR A's Avatar
    Does this plan give you BIS?
    07-29-12 11:14 PM