1. psiebers's Avatar
    Just noticed Boost Mobile has the 9310 on sale for $79:

    BlackBerry Curve 9310 Smartphone | Boost Mobile

    Pretty close to the $75 deal they had a couple of months back. Definitely a good deal!
    10-15-12 04:31 PM
  2. scottydl's Avatar
    The $79 was posted all of last month too, so I called to order my 9310 a few weeks ago because that did seem like a decent deal. While on the phone with the Boost rep, I said (just for fun) ... "I'm still not sure this is the phone I want, so are there any other discounts or deals available right now?" He said he'd check and put me on hold. A minute later he comes back and offers me the phone for $55. I said YES I'LL TAKE IT! So don't always assume that the listed price is the absolute best one that exists.
    10-16-12 12:49 AM
  3. artttom's Avatar
    Hey Scott...who did you call? The number i called was only automated info..not a rep....thanks!
    10-17-12 10:56 PM
  4. scottydl's Avatar
    Yeah the regular Boost Customer Service number is almost all automated, but if you mess around in the menus enough (or hit enough "invalid entries") you will eventually get transferred to a real person. I think I was in the "Update Handset" section, and just kept pressing "0" or "99" until the auto-guy got fed up with me. The folks don't exactly speak good English, so you've gotta listen hard and be patient if you want a good deal. If one person says there is no better price(and if you have the time), ask if a manager can change that OR hang up and call back. You'll get someone else the next time.
    10-18-12 08:07 AM

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