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    The average Joe says. Oh it's 2013 and a dual core? What's wrong with this company!? The HTC One has a quad core blah blah

    Ok basically you are comparing oranges and bicycles...yes.

    You see, the Z30 is not running on Android so comparisons like this are a joke.

    BlackBerry 10 is an efficient OS, it does not require an 8 core to run like that other OS. You would never use such specs anyways.

    I see it like BlackBerry 10 = Windows XP
    Android = Vista

    Yeah, your little low spec PC needed an upgrade, hardware wise, if anyone wanted Vista on their machines.

    But the case here is that we have the most efficient OS between the two. We actually should be laughing at Android devices and how they need such amounts of hardware to run properly while we do not.

    Next time someone makes fun of your phone for being low spec you make phone of them for having a low inefficient OS.

    Marketing is everything
    It's not "really" using eight cores, up until recently all eight cores couldn't be scheduled at the same time anyway. Four low power cores and four high speed cores - and this on the international versions. US versions were four core to being with, and there are Android phones with two cores still being sold.

    It would be speculation to say that the Z30 runs just as well on two cores as an Android runs with four cores.
    09-29-13 07:53 PM
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    Tremendous amount of people bought iPad Minis last year; it has 1024x768 on a 7" screen!.. 163 ppi!..
    No one says it's irrelevant.. No one complains about it. Serious amount of people are happily using it around me.

    On a 5" screen we have a 295 ppi and people are talking like it's 2008's specs.

    I actually prefer longer battery life than having a sharper display, 295 ppi is already OK for me. Having a 1080p display with worse battery life - especially with games- would not make me happy.

    I'm sure next year Z60 or whatever name will be have 1080 p screen (They will probably tell devs next year that the next generation devices will support 1440x1440 or 2560 x 1440) and move on to that category but by then they will also use quad core CPUs better and efficiently and have even more better hardware.

    AMOLED is also great improvement in BB's current lineup, so I tell everyone to care more about other stuff than comparing screen resolutions..
    You're sure BlackBerry would have a next year? LOL!

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    09-29-13 08:06 PM
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    my xperia ultra is super thin, and it stands a days work...with 6.4" screen. let's see if Z30 (which looks, weigh and thick like nokia 920) can survive a days' work.
    09-30-13 10:59 PM
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    If BlackBerry had some more of the major apps that iOS and Android users have come to love, I doubt anyone but the really tech savvy would give a sh1t about the specs. If the screen is clear enough and bright enough, no average customer will be able to discern the difference between the Z30's screen and a 1080p one. Just so long as they're able to download Instagram and play Candy Crush or whatever.

    For another year, the BlackBerry 10 cameras are on par with the iPhone's in terms of megapixels. Cameras are an important part of smartphones, and I've always thought that BlackBerry should partner with a big name camera company for their cameras, as well as a company like Bose for their speakers.

    If it were the BlackBerry Z30 with Canon Camera Technology and Sound by Bose or something with a nice ring to it, AND had the apps... I can't even imagine what a success it would be.
    Great Bro.This is the best example of how forums needs to be used.I really wish BB hear all these.They are so lucky that they have got a loyal user base who 24/7 supports with better ideas and suggestions.Please listen to your customers and come back more stronger..
    10-01-13 01:06 AM
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