1. yvpan1's Avatar
    It's not something that really matters to me but it's just a bit annoying.

    i'm running the latest OS on my STA-2. the contacts app generally runs faster & smoother and the backend sync runs much quicker (i can see from the device monitor that the system & PIM quickly settle in 24 hrs after the reboot so the phone runs pretty much cool 90% of the time) however, just noticed there is something quite weird here:
    - if i open the contacts app and i search for my friends with the initial of "P", "U", "W", it will come as "no results" and as i hit "cancel" on the Search bar, my Contacts disappear, just a blank screen
    - but sometimes if i don't stop on the initial but i keep on typing for the 2nd letter after the initial e.g. "Pat.." or "Wil.." then suddenly the contacts appear
    - on the dialer app, 95% of the time i can find those contacts without this issue - only on the actual Contacts app
    - but there is a *weird* workaround if that happens - if i see "no results" and the contacts go blank:
    + i tap on the overflow menu
    + tap on any other contact list apart from the "ALL"
    + and i tap back on "ALL"
    + and everything goes back to normal, i can search ANY contacts no matter what. but the symptoms will appear again in the future

    sounds weird ha?

    anyone experiencing this issue as well? i've managed to reboot my phone but seems this issue still persists. well, not really a major issue but i just feel this is weird as previously on my Z10 i never had this problem (even though the contacts app on the Z10 somehow needed extra memory power and sometimes the phone heated up as i searched for contacts)
    11-16-13 04:25 PM
  2. blackbberryz30's Avatar
    hello, i also bought Z30 3 days back, i am facing a unique problem on "Contact", My contact is Linked with Facebook, i linked my facebook contact and sim contact together, after reboot again my sim contact and facebook contact gets seperated and i have to link it again, this happened with me almost after every reboot, anyone facing the same probs or can give me the solution would really be appreciable.

    11-18-13 03:14 PM

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