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    This is a update for people that allready installed leak 1925 and here under there is a link to download a winrar file with a map to update your OS in the update 533 mb

    All the setting,apps, account stay the same just like a normal update from your provider..

    1. Download both files and get it on your desktop and extract the rar file and put the folder also on your desktop.


    2. Now launch Blackberry link, and then connect your phone to your computer

    3. Now start Sachesi.exe

    4. In Sachesi go to install and folder (directory) and go to the newly created folder. Hit the install button

    It takes 15 minutes and after reboot you will also see that you OS is changed in 2141.

    Have fun with it.
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    I think you're missing some steps.

    Via CB Rockin Rogers Z30STA100-5/ /2142 Radio
    02-15-14 06:59 PM
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    No it's just the bar files that are different with core stuff. So it's like an original update this way like you should get in OTA.

    The update itself is 533 MB so it's quicker install then normal.
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