1. ce71's Avatar
    I've been trying to determine if I purchase an unlocked Z30 (STA100-5) and use it on T-Mobile, will it be fully compatible? Meaning, 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE? I've read in different posts where some say it will work, but will not be fully compatible, and yet others claim it IS fully compatible. Can anyone confirm/deny?

    Thank you in advance!
    04-15-14 05:54 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    Yes, it will be fully compatible. 2G, 3G, HSPA+ and LTE. Only thing missing, really, is WiFi calling.
    04-15-14 05:56 PM
  3. seemsixty7's Avatar
    Mine works great on T-Mobile. I'm in the Houston Area and I'm typically on 4GLTE most of the time.
    04-15-14 06:02 PM
  4. 512high's Avatar
    ditto...4gLTE in new Hampshire....z30 running on t-mobile
    04-15-14 06:05 PM
  5. westcoastjay's Avatar
    running a STA100-5 rogers canada Z30 on T-Mobile in Washington state no issues.
    04-15-14 06:07 PM
  6. HigherThanMars's Avatar
    It will work with everything but wifi calling but wifi calling is garbage anyways. Lately all of my calls have been dropping on wifi calling. It crap.
    04-18-14 02:29 PM
  7. Doggerz's Avatar
    Works great - like what everyone else said. Antenna is better than Z10 also.

    via CB10 using a Z10 / STL100-3 / RFK121LW / / T-Mobile USA
    04-18-14 02:41 PM

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