1. jeremyhass368's Avatar
    Guys I just received my Z30 the evening of the 20th, and I have blown through almost 400mb of data and it only been used to text and emails, the thing is I checked my Data usage on Verzion web site and it shows it has been using data even when I was connected to the wifi, in the middle of the night its doing the same thing, and at work during the day on my works wifi its doing the same thing, anyone have reason why this is doing this? I use it exactly like my Android optimus g pro phone and I barely broke 200 for the whole month
    11-22-13 05:06 PM
  2. Stephen Green's Avatar
    Have not experienced your issue. Sounds like a reset might be required. There are some updates that want to be loaded when Z30 first initialized. 400megs tho seems high.

    Stephen Green on Z30 to CB10
    11-22-13 05:48 PM
  3. jeremyhass368's Avatar
    Yeah I`m running the Leaked 10.2.1, I just put data counter on my phone and I guess i will track and see whats going on, that's the first thing I thought of is doing a reset, we`ll see, almost acts like the wifi is disconnecting and reconnecting as with mobile network dong the same.
    11-22-13 06:05 PM

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