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    I was helping my friend move his house yesterday. We finally got the truck loaded and drive it over to his new place where some friends were waiting for us to help unload. Once we got all the boxes and furniture and all the little things unloaded we went inside to have the pizza and beer, part of any good moving experience. Everyone got bored and wanted to plug in his TV hut we could find his bluray, cable wasn't hooked up yet, and his x box was in a box. I waited for everyone to get really bored and start whining before I took his TV, plugged my z30 into it with an hdmi cable, and booted up real racing 3, asphalt 8, and NOVA 3. People were amazed. Not only did my phone have 3 graphically intensive programs running at the same time as well as 2 other programs, it was seamlessly multitasking all of them. We gamed on the phone for close to 6 hours before the battery started to complain. Their iPhone and androids were all dead and sitting in a pile, everyone staring at the beautiful z30 hooked up directly to a TV. When I told them this was the newest BlackBerry and how great it was, everyone looked rather dubiously at their own phones before grudgingly putting them away. I was so proud of my z30 and made sure everyone saw how amazing it was. If only we all the same opportunity! Anyway just thought I would share

    Posted via CB10
    01-24-14 04:50 PM
  2. yokogeri374's Avatar
    I only just got mine yesterday cannot tell you how stoked iam with this phone it's much better than my z10
    01-24-14 04:57 PM

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