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    Found this out by accident, traded in my Droid Razr for Verizon Blackberry Z30 yesterday and looked all over for open faced belt holster and could not find one. I used my Droid Razr belt clip holster and the Z30 slid right in and holds great.

    The protective case that fits on the Razr phone will not fit but I don't need it since the clips on the holster stop right before volume buttons on the Z30-- So go on Ebay and buy a belt clip holster for Razr, throw the phone case away and slide your Z30 right into holder. On Ebay the cost is 3 to 5 dollars. Cheapest and best holder I found so far

    This link on Ebay should be same case I have for Droid Razr, it's 8 dollars but you can shop around and get it cheaper

    New Belt Clip Shell Holster Case Stand for Verizon Motorola Droid RAZR XT912 | eBay
    Attached Thumbnails Z30 Open face belt holster-0211142026.jpg   Z30 Open face belt holster-0211142026a.jpg   Z30 Open face belt holster-0211142026b.jpg   Z30 Open face belt holster-0211142027.jpg   Z30 Open face belt holster-0211142027a.jpg  

    Z30 Open face belt holster-0211142027b.jpg   Z30 Open face belt holster-0211142027c.jpg  
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    02-11-14 10:43 AM
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    Pics? Interested in how that looks.
    02-11-14 11:36 AM
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    I'd like to see what it looks like too and a link would be very helpful since good holsters for the thirty are hard to find. Thanks kindly

    Posted via single-finger-flickin fun on the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!
    02-11-14 01:56 PM
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    Looks like something I would use. I'll look into it. Thanks

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    02-12-14 05:30 AM
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    http://www.ebay .com/itm/BLACK-RUBBERIZED-HARD-CASE-BELT-CLIP-HOLSTER-STAND-FOR-BLACKBERRY-Z30-PHONE-/351027219476?pt=US_Cell_Phone_PDA_Cases&hash=item5 1bada4c14

    looks like they finally created one for the blackberry...
    03-23-14 11:25 AM

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