1. Patrick Pierobon's Avatar
    Just looking through the Best Buy flyer and saw this for the Z30! Great deal but is this showing that it is not selling well?
    12-12-13 06:51 PM
  2. KemKev's Avatar
    Or it could be a way of getting it into as much hands as possible. You can spin it either way.
    Patrick Pierobon likes this.
    12-12-13 06:55 PM
  3. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Heard a radio commercial today for galaxy s4 at $0 on select 2yr plans as well so no need to read too much into this. Holidays are here and you have to be competitive at this time of year especially. Great time for consumers.

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-13 07:06 PM
  4. R Field's Avatar
    You have a link? That's a great deal for those who don't have one. It's even a steal on contract for $129.

    BlackBerry Z30 & Z10 | | C0006E212
    12-12-13 07:26 PM
  5. mszbzltn's Avatar
    12-12-13 09:05 PM
  6. Patrick Pierobon's Avatar
    it is also on telus site.
    12-13-13 07:32 AM

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