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    I got a new Priv and I went to store (first mistake) and she placed it on my line one and took my z30 and moved it to my second line and she did all this without shutting my ond phone off (z10). Now my z30 is on my second line and everything works except the phone. If you call the number it goes directly to voice mail and I can't call out as it says phone number not active and call Verizon. She did this while my old phone Z10 was still on sitting in front of her. Any ideas beside a clean sweep to get my z30 phone working again so it can send and receive phone calls?

    She said she needed my old phone to do this but never even touched it. Verizon has checked everything on there end and said it should be working.

    Any ideas
    03-20-16 06:15 AM
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    I'm gonna head to the Verizon store a d request a new Sim or something.
    03-20-16 09:12 AM
  3. baspeed's Avatar
    Always remember when a person from your carrier tells you to format to fix an issue, don't trust them. I went into Verizon and they placed new Sim in my z30 and it works like a charm. To think they told me to clean sweep.
    As for the Priv . . . . I'm 50-50 on returning it. I will be sick if I keep it and Verizon and BlackBerry releases a non pkb phone.

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    03-21-16 06:35 AM

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