1. mastermike87's Avatar
    Hey Folks,

    Need some definite help here. So I switched over from my Z10 to my Z30. The transition was as smooth as it could be. But now I'm having some issues. When I plug in the Z30 in mass storage mode, the Y drive maps to the SD card, and the Z drive to the internal. But when I go to create a new folder in the Z drive I get the error, "Destination folder access denied" "You need permission to access this action"

    This is really weird considering this never happened on my Z10. The drive is mounted as MN-Z30 [pin:xxxxxx] [Flash]. The flash part is also new to me as that didn't show up on my Z10. I can drag and drop files within the pre-existing folders, but I cannot make a new folder there, and I'm hoping someone here can help me out!


    12-21-13 02:14 AM
  2. OWCA83's Avatar
    Over WiFi or USB? With BB Link or without?
    12-21-13 02:35 AM
  3. mastermike87's Avatar
    Over WiFi or USB? With BB Link or without?

    I've tried with Link open and closed. The wifi connection is also ticked off.

    Posted via CB10
    12-21-13 09:27 AM

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