1. BB10QNX's Avatar
    Looking for a holster/case with a kickstand [Encased] like I have for my Z10, but for the Z30. Don't see many holster/case options out there yet, thus, holster/case makers, let's get on it ;-)

    Unless, someone is already aware of a holster/case/kickstand availabe out there somewhere ?

    What are you using on your Z30 [holster, case, screen protector brand, etc]? Post pics too, if yours is really working well for you
    11-16-13 12:16 PM
  2. rotorwrench's Avatar
    I was looking last night for Z30 cases and found several right here on CB. Here's one with a kickstand.

    BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case for Z30 | BlackBerry Cases
    11-16-13 01:48 PM
  3. BB10QNX's Avatar
    Thanks. I did see this one out there, but no holster - wonder if it would fit in the leather holster pouch with that on the device?

    My wife just found this one, in the comments, someone wrote that the clip locks in place and acts as a kickstand, hmmmm:

    BlackBerry Z30 case| OtterBox
    11-16-13 05:02 PM

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