10-14-13 11:28 PM
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  1. robhenry24's Avatar
    For some reason they aren't allowed to sell them until the 15th. Company policy.
    I wonder when we will get them in the US, I am with AT&T.
    How soon after Canada.?
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    10-14-13 09:20 PM
  2. mastermike87's Avatar
    I did touch and hold the new Z30 last Thursday in a Bell store at North York, Toronto. The lady working there was not able to tell me about the price. I held it in my left hand and compared it with a Z10 in my right hand.

    Both of them are almost the same weight. I like the size of Z30 which is a bit bigger than Z10. It looks great!

    I chatted with the lady for about 20 mins. She suggested me to buy an unlocked phone at the other retailer and come back to her for a prepaid voice + data plan. What an honest girl?
    That's because she'll get the commission either way. You're activating a new line, so it's a win win for her. Lol

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    10-14-13 10:34 PM
  3. WArcher's Avatar
    That's cool. Good to see it on display. Does anyone know if we can buy a Z30 direct from BlackBerry? I've kinda been hinting at this in a few different posts, but now have to flat out ask... Messaged BB, no response, Telus won't give me a straight answer. Thought I'd give it a shot here. Sorry if there is already a thread about this. Thanks in Advance.
    Strongly suspect that unlocked BlackBerry devices will be made available on BlackBerry Smartphones & Accessories (USA) and also in Canada - Digital River is handling the e-commerce side of things which may signify an opening up of their market.
    10-14-13 11:28 PM
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