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    Dumb question, but...

    There have been a lot of posts regarding the Z30's too-quiet earpiece speaker volume on incoming calls in anything but a close to silent environment. I have had several Z30's, and have loved the build quality, the look & the way they felt in my hand...but hated the earpiece volume issue! It made the phone unusable for me...and I went through several trying to find a "good one".

    Has anybody figured out a way to bump the stock volume capacity of the earpiece speaker? I know years ago I had a Motorola Razr that was the same way, and I sent the phone to somebody that was on a mobile phone message board like this one, and he replaced the speaker drivers somehow on the computer. The phone was great after that!

    Does anybody know how to do that around here?

    I wouldn't mind using a Z30 again for a bit if I could improve the earpiece.
    04-13-17 10:42 AM

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