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    So the last few days I've been having an issue with my camera on the Z30. To me just seems like it wont take a nice pictures as it did last week and it will not save the pictures to either the SD card or the phone memory. I can view the last picture taken , but as soon as I close the camera app the picture disappears.
    I've always had a issue with the 64GB SanDisk Ultra SD card would randomly stop working and have to "Scan", which takes up to a day and also every time I would restart my phone it would have to "Scan" the card again. I only have about 8GB's worth of data on the card.

    I thought it was maybe the SC card, so I grabbed a 32GB card I have in the house and put it in the phone so see if it would work, but it does the exact same thing, so my guess it has to be a software issue.

    Anyone else have this?
    STA100-5 (Z30)

    UPDATE: I think I may have figured out why it would always take so long to scan the SD Card. I copied all the files onto my computer to look through and realized from over the year of getting new phones since my first Blackberry Storm, I've always just used the same SD card, or when I got a new one just copied all the files to the new one. Well after awhile it was making layers of layers of files all named the same thing and the phone was trying to sort though it all and put it in order according to dates. For awhile since I got my 64GB card my music was also not working and I think this was the reason also.

    So I sorted though everything and combined them into single files ( Photo's, Music etc ) on the computer and then just copied them onto the card and it works great now. Only takes a minute tops to "Scan" the SD Card.
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    11-26-14 01:44 PM
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    I have never had that issue. If you think it's a software thing, maybe you should upgrade the OS to a leaked 10.3. I have used them all and never had that happen
    11-26-14 02:26 PM
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    Hard reset fix mine!! Hold both volume keys until the BlackBerry logo appears takes about 30 seconds

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    11-26-14 10:42 PM
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    I have issues sometimes, my photos are always there but sometimes I can't find them and need to remove SD card, restart phone, reinsert card, reboot phone. Sometimes the thumbnails don't work and I see just the file name. It is a bit ridiculous, and I am expecting 10.3.1 to fix it. That said my old android phone would corrupt and eat my SD card. At the very least you should have comfort that if you put your SD card in your computer all your photos are there.

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    11-28-14 01:07 AM
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    Check out the comments in this thread...


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    11-28-14 11:05 AM
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    I would do the latest upgrade if possible. This means the operating system being re-initialized. This can fix problems. If this is not possible, I would do a re-install of the operating system. This can be done with the Blackberry link software.

    Another thing is to get in touch with BB support. If this is a hardware issue and your phone is under warranty, it should be serviced by BB.
    11-28-14 05:37 PM

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