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    I'm yet to relish in the comfort of one Charge per day on my z30. My q10 did much better, fully charged at 7am and by the time I'm home 830pm its 40%. With my z10,battery quits completely around 1pm. This big battery device shuts down around 4pm. Dunno if I have to roll back to 10.1, did all the battery conservation tips out there with no gainful results, tried different radios also. What's the best thing to do right now?


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    04-07-14 08:19 PM
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    Probably go into device monitor and find out what's using it.

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    04-07-14 08:53 PM
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    I have no idea what ypu are soing on your z30, im angry when it doesnt last me 2 days

    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140402_083704.png

    With the same usage on my Q10 i was getting 8-12hours out of my phone. Same OS as well

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    04-07-14 09:12 PM
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    I'm not doin much at all
    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140407_221110.png

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    04-07-14 09:15 PM
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    What and droid apps do you have? The only draining one ive found is tinder.

    I use feedly multiple times a day, sound cloud, my fitness pal, shazam.

    I see whatsapp on there but I have no idea if it drains since I dont use it.

    Whats your email set up like? Brightness? Wifi/bluetooth/nfc?

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    04-07-14 09:20 PM
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    Do me a favor. Go to "System" in "Device Monitor" under battery, and post pictures of all the relevant graphs, including battery, cpu, memory, mobile, wifi, etc.
    I've had similar issues, but it was an easy fix.
    I'm willing to bet you have wireless connections to Link enabled, and it's trying to download and sync a lot, but it's worth a check.

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    04-07-14 09:40 PM
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    You should download taskmanager from BlackBerry World and see what apps are using your battery the most.

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    04-07-14 09:44 PM
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    Wifi always on, nfc off, email 24hr interval.

    Android apps : RT news, Shazam, Soundcloud, cartoon Hd, fb messenger, text free, Snapseed, camera 360, NBA game time. None of the apps show up on Taskmanager.

    Lost 6% since my initial post

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    04-07-14 09:47 PM
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    These are always at the top of the device monitor. Apps and processes
    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140407_224952.png
    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140407_225005.png
    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140407_225044.png
    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140407_225110.png
    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140407_225132.png
    Z30 Battery nose dives everday!-img_20140407_225145.png

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    04-07-14 09:57 PM
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    Get taskmanager as well. Its most probably an android app sapping your power

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    04-07-14 10:13 PM
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    I want to see data (wifi and mobile) for system, please. It's right beneath memory if you scroll down. It's a good indicator of what's eating everything and if something is doing something it shouldn't (or, more literally, that you don't want it to, haha).

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    04-07-14 10:24 PM