03-28-14 06:49 PM
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  1. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    I say reset to factory and use it for 24-48 hours with just the basics. See how it does before installing your normal apps...

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    The guy just got the Z30... its normal to have poor battery on the first day due to heavy usage,contacts and email syncs.

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    11-28-13 10:03 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...we'll allow me to retort

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    11-28-13 10:16 AM
  3. graylingboy's Avatar
    Charged my Z30 twice on day one with my standard usage. From day two or three with same sort of usage getting two and a half days. Not scientific but that's about where I'm at.
    Loving it more each day but still miss my Bold 9000 and it's wonderful functionality.

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    11-28-13 02:20 PM
  4. SpencerNSO's Avatar
    He's a liar!... Kappa
    11-28-13 02:42 PM
  5. dragon77's Avatar
    Man the z30 really is an attractive option and the battery life is a big selling point for me

    Question is, is it worth the upgrade from the z10

    I really am in two minds, mostly because it is almost a year since the launch of the z10 and I'm wondering if BlackBerry will release a successor
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    11-29-13 06:45 AM
  6. dslocumb's Avatar
    My battery life on my Z30 is awesome! Loved my Z10. The upgrade was well worth it!
    11-29-13 01:33 PM
  7. kbz1960's Avatar
    Hey OP, any better yet?
    11-29-13 01:57 PM
  8. Jtaylor1986's Avatar
    It's a solid upgrade as I just went Z10 to Z30. Probably less of a hardware upgrade than you would get from an annual redesign from apple or Samsung.
    11-29-13 04:19 PM
  9. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    It's a solid upgrade as I just went Z10 to Z30. Probably less of a hardware upgrade than you would get from an annual redesign from apple or Samsung.
    Lol@ "annual redesign from apple "

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    11-29-13 05:24 PM
  10. SethDove's Avatar
    Hey OP, any better yet?
    Actually yes. The battery drain had continued--but instantly was better after a reset by holding down the volume keys. No idea what that means, but glad to get the improvement.
    11-29-13 05:36 PM
  11. dunerzr's Avatar
    Actually yes. The battery drain had continued--but instantly was better after a reset by holding down the volume keys. No idea what that means, but glad to get the improvement.
    Glad to hear!! Enjoy!

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    11-29-13 06:42 PM
  12. WJF84's Avatar
    Actually yes. The battery drain had continued--but instantly was better after a reset by holding down the volume keys. No idea what that means, but glad to get the improvement.
    Ah the old volume keys trick.

    That's just an old wives tale.
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    11-30-13 03:20 AM
  13. anusha93's Avatar
    Does this 'battery settle' will get applied after master resetting the cell also (security wipe I mean)?

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    03-25-14 02:41 PM
  14. rickkel's Avatar
    Does this 'battery settle' will get applied after master resetting the cell also (security wipe I mean)?
    Only if you follow up your master reset/security wipe with restoring your contacts, emails, etc. That is the reason for the initial battery drain. Emails are being synced, contacts are being compared and automatically linked up, etc. The CPU is running "behind the scenes" a lot more than usual the first day or so.
    03-25-14 06:34 PM
  15. Resilience's Avatar
    its like buying a new car, you let it settle in by putting a bit of KMs/miles on it and do not redline the vehicle
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    03-25-14 07:23 PM
  16. tsi200's Avatar
    There is nothing wrong with anybody here. This is true that a phone will consume more battery in the firsts days! There is a lot of factors. This is true that the QNX kernel will work a lot to index things, etc. This is also true that the user will use it more often in the firsts days because you have to install apps, set up your accounts, etc. The Z30 have a 2880mah battery so it should work for you too! It is important to use the usb to wall provided with the device for energize your phone.

    I use my Z30 a lot (apps, work, social, sms) and have almost 2 days capacity. It can be harder for the battery if you game a lot.

    So let see in a couple of days what's happen with your device and battery life and I guess that everyone here want to help you!
    03-25-14 08:28 PM
  17. midnightdoom's Avatar
    I can see different results day to day, while I usually always charge when I go to sleep, some days I can drain the phone completely almost and other days I only use 30%.

    Mind you when I do drain the battery I am usually streaming the news or something hardware intensive. Currently on today's charge I have got 11hrs and still at 56% but I also have been bored at work with not much to do today and have been reading a lot of various news apps, fb, cb and websites along with some emails (shh, lol). And it says at this rate I still got another 9 hours to go.
    But usually on the weekends when I am out doing errands or relaxing with friends, I unplug Saturday morning and don't have to charge again until Monday (and that's only because I want a full charge for work)

    Mean while when I had iPhone and would do this same thing my phone would be dead in 6 hours

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    03-25-14 08:36 PM
  18. yvpan1's Avatar
    not too sure for other platforms but for BB10, indexing is the very basic thing that will be triggered when a phone is switched on & started with accounts etc as the OS is "learning" on how you will use the phone by gathering the sync timeframe info, the account settings, how many contacts you have, how many social media accounts you have etc etc etc and also it indexes your media card so in the future it will load your things faster without any priming or loading when you do your future reboot or restarts. and this takes roughly 24-48 hours, that's why we in here call this process as "settling" time.

    perhaps some people will think this is a bull**** or perhaps people will think this is a non-sense, well.. you may take that but the grain of the salt here is, the phone takes time to learn before it can work together to support you. if someone or something doesn't know you then how you can expect the best from working with them? it's like you have a Veyron but you don't know how to set it about & go to its claimed 407 kph top speed, that's what nonsense means for me, sorry!

    we in here share, yell, mock and solve problems together. come back to us and we will try to sort your problems but do please appreciate others who have spent their time to come to this thread and jot their comments.
    03-25-14 08:48 PM
  19. enik's Avatar
    The first week of usage is not indicative of what the device battery is capable of. Give it around 10 days

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    03-25-14 09:44 PM
  20. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    Without concrete information from Blackberry detailing why this would be, this is just another silly ghost story or urban legend based on flawed anecdotal information. I would have no problems eating crow if such supportive evidence was found. But it truly makes no sense.
    When a phone is initially setup, users generally spend more time than usual with it.

    What really drains the battery during the first day or so is the behind the scenes activity that takes place when multiple email accounts are added to the device. By default, the OS will wirelessly sync 30 days of email, calendar entries, all contacts, tasks, notes, etc. per account. Then, the data is indexed by the OS for faster access during normal use. Here's what I have on my device :

    - 1 work account
    - 2 Hotmail accounts
    - 1 Gmail account
    - 1 Facebook account
    - 1 LinkedIn account
    - 1 Twitter account
    - 1 Foursquare account
    - 1 BBM account (only copies friend list)
    - 1 Whatsapp account (sends up contact list to match favorites)
    - Visual voice-mail

    As you can imagine, the OS is working hard in the background.

    In addition, users are typically loading (or re-loading) dozens of necessary apps to get them started. This could require several gigabytes of data to be downloaded in addition to the account data synchronization that's taking place.

    I don't find it strange at all that day 1 battery performance is atypical. I also see no reason why BlackBerry would need to issue a statement about early heavy use. The consumer should be well aware of what they're doing & understand that battery life depends on usage. If movies are watched for hours, battery life is diminished as well.


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    03-26-14 06:00 AM
  21. MikeLip's Avatar
    That doesn't sound normal to me at all. Yeah when you first start it up there is a lot going on. But indexing contacts and stuff? That should take seconds at most. I have hundreds of contacts and as soon as I told the thing to sync with my google contacts, there they were. Including pictures. I had excellent battery right out of the gate - the only phone I have that's better is the Note 3. Ordinarily I'd say pull the battery to kill any weird processes going on, but you can't do that with the Z30. Maybe run it until it dies, then recharge it and see what happens. If it still misbehaves, take it back because that just isn't correct behavior.
    03-26-14 07:58 AM
  22. will308's Avatar
    Before I got my Z30 I read many off-hand comments about the great battery life of the Z30. Some reviews also mentioned very good longevity. But on my first regular work day with the Z30 I am rather disappointed. It was in the charger all night. I had charged it fully once before that. I unplugged it at about 7am. I went to work. I watched no videos at all, either streaming or from the device memory. I streamed no music either. I only surfed occasionally (probably more than the average person, but not a crazy amount--I was at work. And I of course did some email. Flash is not enabled. Nearly no texting was done. It is now 2:08pm, and the battery is at 18%. This is about the life of my previous, 2-year-old phone, and part of the impetus to get a new phone. So not a deal breaker for me, since I get a phone with better internal specs and a larger screen. But still...Is my experience uncommon?
    [Oy! thread title typo. Sorry.]
    give it a chance to settle ,batteries take a few times of charging to get to there best ................or have you never noticed that from your other phones ?
    03-26-14 09:52 AM
  23. canusaybimmy's Avatar
    I can't believe no one's mentioned this after 3 pages of posts...

    Let it settle. Your battery life will improve.
    03-26-14 10:26 PM
  24. SethDove's Avatar
    There is no scientific reason for this wives tale about "settling" lithium* batteries. Please stop regurgitating this misinformation (unless you can site a reliable source) . I did not have this happen with my 3 prior smartphones. I only got better battery life with my Z30 after a hard reboot. It is more likely that a process got stuck in the background after setup. And the hard reboot fixed it. And since this does appear to happen with Blackberries they may need to fix a bug or two.

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    03-27-14 03:59 PM
  25. house78's Avatar
    Love this phone, first day in the real world and I was at 61% after 12 1/2 hrs!

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    03-27-14 05:47 PM
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