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    I've been looking for the Z30 in Bangkok ..no luck so far. Any updates on availability here?

    AIS Thailand is offering an expensive Z10 with a new discounted ismart service package for the Z10, but they can't tell me if their service package will work for the Z30 - does anyone have information?

    I'm considering getting an unlocked Z30 in the USA on an upcoming trip - less than $500 on amazon and several of their retailers.

    And has anyone experienced the difference of the Z30 version STA100-5 - which supposedly works better on USA networks, than the STA00-2 version?

    It's obvious the z30 is a big leap ahead of the Z10, but want to make sure can use it in Thailand and elsewhere easily --- Thanks!
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    yes basically you can use any model of Z30 around the world as all of them are UMTS/HSPA+ 2100 compatible (which is the neutral global 3G spectrum), therefore there is no problem for you to use your STA-5 during your trip in TH. it's just, you might not be able to access the LTE (but TH hasn't got its LTE anyway lol..)

    and you may use either AIS (which got the H+ 850/2100 support) or DTAC or TrueMove (but you can only access their H+ 2100 as they have the H+ 900 support if i'm not wrong, in which you can't access it using the STA-5)
    02-07-14 12:51 PM
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    According to DTAC's FAQ, DTAC operates on 850MHz, 1800MHz, and 2100MHz

    Elsewhere on their website:
    "The company has the objective to provide 2100MHz service coverage nationwide for the optimal benefits of the subscriber with continuous communications provided on any progress updates. Currently, customers can use 3G on the existing 850MHz frequency that is already nationwide as well as edge on the 1800MHz frequency."

    Hope that helps!

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