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    I am curious as to what the real life pros and cons are of the Z30 vs the Z10. I know there are plenty of posts on here and most (but not all) seem positive but battery life comes up as a benefit, battery life is not a priority for me and it is a given that the Z30 bests the Z10 in this area.

    I guess my main motivation is the extra screen real estate, I have always believed that a phone should be comfortable to use one handed but now I am not so sure and I have for some while looked on with some envy at my friends with the Galaxy S's

    So I have just ordered a Z30 from Amazon which should turn up tomorrow and am interested in hearing from those who have made the Z10 switch and other than battery life what are the pros (and cons if any) and what is the transition like size wise?

    01-31-14 02:59 AM
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    I Think BlackBerry Z30 Have A Long Battery Live Than Z10... I Only Have Z30 But I'm Pretty Sure About That

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    01-31-14 03:02 AM
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    I Think BlackBerry Z30 Have A Long Battery Live Than Z10... I Only Have Z30 But I'm Pretty Sure About That

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    Great job reading the original post there!

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    01-31-14 03:08 AM
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    Not Problem

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    01-31-14 03:20 AM
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    You may think battery life isn't a massive thing for you, but once you start using the Z30, you'll really appreciate the difference. I had to charge my Z10 at least once a day with average use, but my Z30 often goes for two before it needs to be plugged in. It's a massive difference.

    In addition to the battery life improvements, the screen makes a big difference, too -- especially when browsing the web, watching videos or looking at photos, and for things like gaming. Again, you don't think you need a bigger display until you have it, then you feel like you couldn't go back.

    The Z30 also has a faster processor, so it's a little snappier in some areas. You won't notice it much when using BB10 itself or native apps, because those are already pretty fast even on the Z10 -- but if you run Android apps, you'll notice most load a little faster and offer a smoother experience with the faster CPU.

    You also get a built-in FM radio with the Z30, so if you like to listen to local stations, you can do so without a data connection.
    01-31-14 03:25 AM
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    Thanks, moving from an iPhone I have never found the battery life an issue on the Z10 but then my day to day never has me away from power for that long and I long ago got in the habit of plugging my phone in when I can. �Extra battery life would be the cherry on the cake.

    Interesting re responsiveness and android apps, that is the one area where the Z10 does crawl at times, that will be a nice improvement to have. �The screen size will be nice and it may see me reach for my phone when I would otherwise have picked up the iPad.

    Anybody finding the Z30 unwieldy due to the extra size vs the Z10? �That is my one worry, in terms of how I carry my phone the front trouser pocket test is not an issue as I never keep mine in there but overall size and one handed usefulness maybe could be.

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    01-31-14 06:29 AM
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    In terms of size and fitting it into your pocket the z30 is no issue. OP mentioned the importance of 1 handed use. The z30 is a bit too big for that for me.
    I got a z30 only due to extra battery life , and much prefer the size of the z10. Where the z10 doesn't usually last me 24 hours, the z30 does so and more. I actually don't like the bigger screen due to one handed use issues. so essentially I traded bulk for battery life.

    In my opinion if you don't think battery life is that huge of a deal, go with the z10. It's better in almost every other way, except the slightly slower processor. Build quality and design is better. (those damn flimsy side buttons)

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    01-31-14 08:52 AM
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    I use an otterbox commuter case on my z30... this makes the loose/flimsy side keys no longer an issue. I've had a z10 since it was made available in my country in April. I purchased the Z30 in October and gave the Z10 to my wife. I find the Z30 better in almost every way and couldn't go back to the smaller Z10 now. Mind you I'm six foot one with fairly large hands so.... your experience may be different than mine... lol

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    01-31-14 09:04 AM
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    It's good that people like yourself can use the otterbox case to solve the flimsy key issue. But I feel as if that's a non solution personally, because it adds even more bulk to an already big phone. I'm a minimalist, and only go naked with my phones or something like the barely there cases

    I'd say I have average sized man hands. Lol.
    Also 6ft

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    01-31-14 09:11 AM
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    Better data and cell reception. Bigger screen, usb on the go."Snappier"... you can have 8apps open without hub getting all stuttery

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    01-31-14 09:11 AM
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    Anyone mention the speakers? Woah!

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    01-31-14 09:17 AM
  12. Mark LeGear's Avatar
    I find the size to be great for several reasons:
    1) I like the bigger screen size. Great for watching videos or using forums etc

    2) increased typing experience. I really enjoy the typing experience on the z30

    Other benefits of the z30:
    1) build design. I simply like the round corners and such of the z30. Prefer it over the z10 but I like the z10 as well

    2) little bit faster due to processor. I don't really play much games so I don't actually notice this often.


    1) depending on hand size it may be difficult to use one handed. I actually have no problem but I'm a 6 foot 2 inch guy.

    2) non-removable battery. This annoys some but because of the great battery I don't find this con to be all that great. It may lower life expectancy of the device due to a failed battery but I find phones usually last at least 2 years anyways.

    3) screen brightness. The z10 has a brighter screen and some people miss this on the z30. In real use you get used to the brightness on the z30. Unless you use both phones at the same time you won't notice the difference. I do find the z30 brightness is soft on the eyes.

    That's my list for now

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    01-31-14 09:18 AM
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    Ok, the Z30 arrived today and as soon as I took it out of the box I knew it was a good move.

    Build quality is great and already the speed increase and extra screen size are obvious.

    I am prepared to be angry when it drops in price over the coming months and to be a little bit sad when BB finally stop making phones but overall a big step up from the z10 and really a very nice 'bit of kit'
    02-01-14 04:29 PM
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    Don't forget that the bigger screen doesn't just mean 'magnified everything' like it does on some other platforms. Even though the Z30 screen resolution is lower than the Z10, BlackBerry make use of that extra screen estate by giving you extra rows in mail lists etc., an extra row of home screen icons, and upping the folder app limit from 16 to 20. Thus gives a real productivity advantage over the lesser models.

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    02-02-14 10:53 AM
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    As some of the posts have stated....there is a significant upgrade with the Z30 vs. the Z10. One handed-ness can be a personal thing to each person. Those with smaller hands may not like it much. I have what I would consider average hands and have no issues handling the device and it feels good in the hand. It may be a slight stretch to reach the upwards farthest corners but thats about it. If you compare to other 5" devices out there it is very comparative to most. I have a Nexus 5 as well and the size is pretty much the same...the silver chin at the bottom of the Z30 makes it slightly taller. Great phone you can't go wrong with it and perhaps this is the phone that BlackBerry should have launched with in the beginning. I think it would have appealed to a larger market of people than the Z10. Z10 is a great phone but at 4.2" its not much larger than the iPhone...and what is the number one complaint of most iPhone users? They want a larger screen. Glad your happy with your device!
    02-02-14 01:03 PM
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    Miracast, while not perfect, is present on the Z30 and not the Z10. If you have a Miracast capable TV or adapter, the Z30 delivers.

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    02-02-14 02:57 PM
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    I just moved from a LE Z10 to Z30....and I love:

    1) Screen - AMOLED in Z30 is great for dark theme BB10
    2) Processors - Things feel faster and snappier even though the guts aren't that different
    3) Size and weight - Z30 is a bit bigger and heavier, but it gives you the premium blackberry feel (like a bold 9900)
    4) Battery life - whole day use!

    Waiting for my USB OTG adapter and still need to figure out how to get miracast working. Pretty happy with the Z30 so far.
    02-04-14 01:27 AM

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