05-17-19 02:20 AM
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  1. horracerumpole72's Avatar
    Ugh, my Z30 really is a decent device. I just wish BlackBerry weren't cutting support to bb10.3.BlahBlahBlah. Unfortunately, such is the case. Can I install a newer OS, possibly an android OS on my Z30? Otherwise, I'm afraid it's time to lay this beauty to rest and pick up something else. (Continue w/ BlackBerry on Android? Or get something like a Samsung or pixl?!?!)
    Bought one last week (used, but in mint condition) and I think it's great.
    aLL OF MY FRIENDS (who scoff at my love for BB) all thought it was some latest IPhone (untill I pointed out the BB logo at the bottom of the screen)
    I'm not big on apps (just as long as I can make/receive calls/texts and surf the interweb) and it's far better than my last phone (the trusty Q5)
    05-04-19 10:28 AM
  2. dave343's Avatar
    Just went back to a Z30 this week, was suppose to be a temp but man I want to keep using it! No Mobile OS imo can compare to BB10... it’s a dream to use. I can’t believe In 2019 IOS and Android still haven’t made their OS’s as easy to move around as BB10.
    The Z30 I got is in 10/10 condition, and is a -5 so got lucky, but it came with 2.1 and I did the 3.3 update... really introduced some lag... nothing too bag but noticeable. Should have stopped at 3.1. So far I have Skype, and Telegram setup, along with Spotify for my podcasts, not much else I need. Sure i wish my banks still had the native BB10 apps, but I can live without some of the apps.
    05-11-19 10:29 PM
  3. krazyatom's Avatar
    Z30 is still great! Love the keyboard!

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-19 02:20 AM
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