1. funkymixx's Avatar
    Hello, I am US, using an unlocked z30 on the T-Mobile network running the 10.2.1 (1055) leak. I am wondering if anyone knows or can clarify that since VZW has exclusive on the z30 in the US, will they be the only carrier that will release 10.2.1 when officially available or will Sprint and T-Mobile push out an official 10.2.1 that will work on the z30 since they are not carrying them? OR will I just have to continue to use leaks since Sprint and T-Mo dont have or wont carry the z30?
    12-27-13 11:24 AM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    If the other carriers do not commit to or carry the Z30, they would have no reason to push out an update for that device. Sounds like you'll just have to be a leak phreak, not that there's anything wrong with that!
    12-27-13 11:27 AM
  3. funkymixx's Avatar
    Thanks for the response
    12-28-13 12:05 PM
  4. Gerii's Avatar
    You can also use Sachesi if you don't always want to wipe your device.
    Also, I got an update when setting up my device even though my carrier doesn't carry the Z30. Let's see if that continues.

    Posted via CB10
    12-28-13 12:20 PM
  5. Doolittle2's Avatar
    I am in the same boat. I would think that we would get the Z10 updates, but I guess we will find out eventually.

    Posted via Z30
    12-28-13 12:23 PM
  6. BlackBerry Wine's Avatar
    Ask.BlackBerrry.com for it, as you are not committed to any carrier you can probably get it as soon as it comes out.

    Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10
    12-28-13 12:23 PM
  7. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    Verizon official is still on***.... I'm on Verizon running leaks.....if you wait until sometime in winter of 2014 or 2015 you "may" see 10.2.1...who knows....

    Posted via CB10
    12-29-13 03:03 AM
  8. MGO's Avatar
    Verizon Z30 is running, not 10.1.x.xxxx.
    12-29-13 09:55 AM

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