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    When you get not one but multiple articles on american carriers possibly owing apple billions due to contractual obligations related to iphone sales and commitments you can no longer pretend its just a matter of guessing.

    As far as android doing well samsung is the leader because they SPEND ON ADVERTISING probably more than everyone else combined. Not to mention their footprint in consumer goods is huge (brand recognition)

    You know whats really sad? Android and google play get more love on crackberry than BlackBerry and BlackBerry world
    Apple made a product that carriers BEGGED to have - after AT&T agreed to carry it and it was a HUGE hit. Verizon had to FORCE BlackBerry to make the STORM as an answer to the iPhone. At that time Verizon want BlackBerry to provide a iPhone killer. But the STORM was a joke and Android with Motorola filled that spot (not samsung), so Verizon and other carriers started putting a lot of Ad Dollars behind these DROIDS. The problem was try as they might no single device was able to out sell the iPhone (not sure that any single Android does now). So all of these carrier's got on their knees (or bent over) to Apple and made their deals. Have no doubt that this has pushed BlackBerry to the back of the stores. But that is because they had an old outdated product that was generations behind iOS and Android.

    As for Android and Google Play getting more love on CrackBerry.... who's fault is that? Apps have been a driving factor in smartphone sales for YEARS now, and one of the main reasons that even at $199 the PlayBook didn't gain any traction. And yet BlackBerry launched BB10 without some of the BIGGEST apps in the market today. And almost ten months later doesn't have them or any word on if/when they will be available? Being able to run APK gets BlackBerry users those much longed for apps - it is BIG news! But is is sad that it came to this.....
    12-06-13 03:43 PM
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    How well is it selling in Canada? How about Europe and elsewhere? Everything we've seen lately says BlackBerry is selling poorly globally. Sprint said they were going to carry it but then we hear Verizon has an excvlusive. Why isn't BlackBerry selling it on shopblacberry.com unlocked like they do the Z10 and Q10 so AT&T and T-Mobile? Maybe they did give Verizon an exclusive for some time.

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