12-09-13 08:35 AM
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  1. ankupan's Avatar
    Axiom, Dubai. from Computer Street, Bur Dubai

    From where in Dubai?

    Posted via My Black BlackBerry Zed-10
    12-09-13 07:54 AM
  2. bbrywrks's Avatar
    went to a store yesterday and told him what I needed (data, minutes etc., he looks at the phones on the wall and finally he grabs one, Samsung galaxy, so I asked him, why wouldn't you recommend the blackberry for I needed? he says: "I use to have a blackberry but it froze all the time" this was an old bb, so I told him that this was a completely new OS, he sort of hummed and hawed and basically started recommending the Z30 - just what I wanted, the main thing I am wondering is: does bbry not put any emphasis on training the sales team? or, do they get more commission for selling other phones??
    12-09-13 08:35 AM
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