08-11-13 06:41 PM
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  1. Jeremy Bivens's Avatar
    *This comment relates to the OP question, not this Playbook debate*

    Do you think Apple makes devices to compete with Androids, WPs, and BBs? Or to provide Apple users the best experience? Apple prices their devices according to what they feel like the device's worth is to the ones using it.
    BlackBerry 10 may not be competing with everyone else, either. If the Z30 is premium-priced, it's b/c it is a premium BB10 device.
    **Example: The iphone 5 does not have "premium" specs, but it is premium priced. Not becuase top android phones are priced similarly, but because Apple decided the phone is premium for its users**

    This may be rocket science to some:: the people who are going to buy the Z30, want the Z30. They will pay (whatever it costs) b/c the value is there. The ones who don't purchase the phone, wouldn't have bought it anyways! BBY is not pricing the phone to draw you away from Android. They are pricing the phone based on the value of its utilization of resources to BBY 10 users. Although price has influence, it is not the main determining factor many make it out to be. If it was, the Z10 would be selling like hot cakes right now with its price cuts.

    A device's price is more related to the value it presents to it's users. That said, the Z30 doesn't need beefed up specs to "justify" its price. It simply needs to have a premium value.
    08-07-13 03:45 PM
  2. kfh227's Avatar
    All that is missing from everyone's spec wet dream is a glory hole.

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    08-07-13 08:37 PM
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    All that is missing from everyone's spec wet dream is a glory hole.

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    well, short of the 4Gb of ram, the G2 comes very close. also it should be noted on the RAM side that I have commented many times id love to see ddr3 ram over a ddr2 with ram increase. the G2 has ddr3.

    people act like the OP`s spec request is out of possibility, but thats not the case at all
    08-08-13 02:21 AM
  4. Siya10's Avatar
    .... should have at least 400dpi, extra graphic chip, 3-4 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD/flash, cornig display, not more than 8mm thick..., 3000 mAh and 13 megapixel

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    08-08-13 03:51 AM
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    Everyone post below what specs the a10 or z30 should have.

    Quad core snapdragon 800

    4gb of ram

    1080p screen 5 inches

    13 mega pixel camera

    Quad core gpu

    Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10
    I have good info from a source that they are making octo core chips for BlackBerry already as they bought his company last year for it? Could it be in this or maybe a tablet?
    08-11-13 06:41 PM
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