1. u4ria's Avatar
    I bought a Z30 from someone in Canada, less than 3 months ago. I'm noticing the buzzing sound from the lower speaker when listening to music on the external speakers. Also, I'm having a problem where the lower speaker will totally cut out and I end up having to press hard and hold onto the area around the BlackBerry logo in order for the speaker to activate. But as soon as I release my finger the sound will either cut out, be very low in volume, or cut in and out. The top speaker is fine and I've had no problems with it.
    Does anyone know how and if I could make a warranty claim on the phone since it's less than a year old? To complicate things, I'm in the USA with a phone purchased from Canada. I don't have any receipts or anything.

    Channel for Asian eye candy
    04-28-14 08:24 AM
  2. bluetroll's Avatar
    I would contact the seller and hope they are cooperative.

    Posted via CB10
    04-28-14 08:32 AM
  3. scrannel's Avatar
    Used phone. No receipts. Out of home country. I don't see a problem. Seriously, I guess you could call BBerry support (may cost you) and run the IMEI by them and see. But it sounds like a damaged phone.
    04-28-14 08:32 AM
  4. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Does the carrier you are using have Z30's in their lineup?

    You can try your new US carrier, maybe they will at least move you to BlackBerry support.
    04-28-14 08:35 AM
  5. u4ria's Avatar
    Sorry, let me clarify further. The phone was bought from the person a couple months ago, but it was only 4 days old at the time. The phone still had all the protective plastic covering on it when I received the item. I had asked a friend to arrange for the purchase and send it to me. They told me the seller showed them the receipt for the item, as proof of their original purchase price.
    Would BlackBerry still honour the original one year warranty? Also, what would be the best way to contact them? If I happened to be in Canada would I be able to make a warranty claim at Bell/Telus/Rogers if I didn't have a receipt but I found out where the original seller bought the phone?

    Channel for Asian eye candy
    04-28-14 08:38 AM
  6. deadcowboy's Avatar
    I've had more tiny issues with BB10 phones than with any other phone company. It pays to be a Verizon Business customer and get overnight replacements after a quick call.

    Posted via CB10
    04-28-14 09:39 AM

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