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    HI CB Nation, I have an issue with my z30 involving viber, I had sideloaded it prior/dowload the apk and could never get it working correctly. Anyway, deleted the app but my when I click on a phone number to call it say from the browser my z30 asks if I want to open the link (phone #) with viber? Does anyone how to stop this? I assume it's a remnant (since I deleted the app) from installing viber that for some reason changed a setting somewhere. I can't seem to find where to shut this feature off?
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    12-18-13 02:46 PM
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    Download ghost commander and uninstall the application from there. Idk why but sometimes when you uninstall a sideloaded app from the BlackBerry 10 GUI it's still in the android runtime environment.

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    12-18-13 02:55 PM
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    If you can't clear it with Ghost Commander or other, you might try deleting the viber folder from within the misc folder.

    Also, you can set the default dialing app for the device, i.e., when tapping a number (dial with phone, viber, skype etc...)
    12-18-13 03:01 PM
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    Thanks I did manage to get rid of the viber now skype is doing it I guess I need to set the default dialing as LP_Rigg mentioned, but how do you do that? I am in the phone settings but do not see where you would set the default dialing, or I am probably in the wrong section? Any help would be appreciated, Sorry I should mention I want to keep skype, so changing the default dialing option I believe would be the best way to go.
    12-18-13 03:42 PM

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