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    Until you get your Z30, here is a 'get by' for your Android

    I love my Z30 and use it daily, but I love playing around with gadgets so messed around with my HTC One to see if I could kinda make something like the HUB on it. It's actually not bad.

    How to make a partial psudo-hub.
    Install Nova Launcher
    Install Business Calendar
    Install Aqua Mail

    On the screen left of home install Aqua Mails 4x2 widget, then long press and resize (nova lets you resize widgets) so it takes up from the bottom up to about 1/3 from the top
    Above that, in that empty space, install the business calendar widget and size to fit.

    Both Aqua mail's and Business Calendar's widgets are scrollable and interactive. Now you can peek, swipe over, scroll and interact with your emails and calender very similar to the hub. The hub is smoother and actually IS your email client, it also has text and other stuff, but this is still kinda cool and can help passify till that upgrade date.
    Attached Thumbnails Waiting to get Z30 but using an Android currently?-ahub1.jpg   Waiting to get Z30 but using an Android currently?-ahub2.jpg   Waiting to get Z30 but using an Android currently?-ahub3.jpg   Waiting to get Z30 but using an Android currently?-ahub4.jpg  
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    07-02-14 12:30 PM
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    07-02-14 01:16 PM
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    Very Cool....
    07-02-14 01:32 PM
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    Thanks, if a person wanted text in there too, you could reduce the email widget height and put an interactive text widget under it
    07-02-14 01:44 PM

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