1. PJericho's Avatar
    After the update to 10.3.1 back in Feb I've found that my volume rocker buttons have been unreliable. When pressed and held down they don't seem to bring the volume up and down without having to click multiple times. A reboot of the phone seems to fix this for about a day or 2 then the problem returns. I just got 10.3.2 via OTA (thru Bell) on Tuesday and at first it seemed the problem was resolved but here we are a day or 2 later and the problem is back. Is anybody else experiencing this?
    07-24-15 11:45 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    I just tested and holding the volume buttom while NOT playing anything works as expected (it keeps going till it reaches the limit).

    There are things that can alter this behaviour, like Settings > Main Volume > Music Shortcuts. Once enabled, instead of adjusting the volume, holding the rockers will skip tracks.

    I can confirm a bug though, when if you hit them too fast, the OS will not register properly and you'll end up needing way more taps thant if you just pressed a few times slower.
    07-24-15 12:01 PM

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