1. xavi666's Avatar
    I'm still on the official and I haven't installed a leak OS yet,

    Frankly I'm not missing apps I need (except Viber) or games so I didn't need to install a leaked OS.

    But I really want Viber to work as It's the only cross platform communication app that works here in Dubai.

    So could anyone confirm if Viber is working on the so I can give it a try!
    12-11-13 02:57 AM
  2. vptsff's Avatar
    It works only if you send and receive messages.
    Calling between 2 Vibers account is still not functioning (Viber will automatically stop).
    I install Amazon Appstore on my Z30 then I installed from it.
    Every time, Viber informs me there is an upgrade, I upgrade from Amazon Appstore.
    12-11-13 04:01 AM
  3. xavi666's Avatar
    Yes I'm aware of that, the same thing happened with me when I sideloaded viber it only worked for texting.
    But I thought maybe on the new leaked OS it works better.

    Posted via CB10
    vptsff likes this.
    12-11-13 06:20 AM

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