1. David Gelfand's Avatar
    Has anyone tried using an USB microphone with Z30 for recording or other mic related activities?
    Is it doable? perhaps through a powered USB hub?

    Thank you
    01-05-14 08:44 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I tried it with my Blue Yeti and a USB OTG cable. It powers up the Yeti and the red light indicating so comes on.. however, I don't see a way to specifically use the Yeti microphone. I would assume there needs to be an app of some sort that also makes use of the function and taps into the system to specifically say for lack of better words 'use this mic instead of the built-in one'. I may be wrong on that but I have no problem admitting this was the first time I tried it out cause your question made me curious lol
    01-05-14 09:19 AM
  3. David Gelfand's Avatar
    Thank you (:
    I should be getting my Z30 shortly - will tinker with it then. I have a G-Track mike - it requires not just power through usb but also a diver to bring it to life. I often use a monitor output of the mike as a live feed to the speakers. It'd be mice if i could power it with the phone rather than a laptop. There must be recording apps out thereto make it work.
    01-06-14 12:41 PM
  4. David Gelfand's Avatar
    Tested it yesterday. Z30 fully powered and supported my G-track without even a use of a powered usb hub.
    01-13-14 07:37 AM

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