12-13-13 06:25 PM
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    I have and used a Z10 then a Q10 and now I mainly use the Z30. I didn't like the Z30 at first. It wasn't as easy to BBM at all angles like lazy about due to the size and weight.

    I thought it was heavy and that I couldn't use it for music with earphones - walking as it weighed my pocket down.

    I have got used to the weight and the size but use my Q10 for music whilst carrying it in my pocket / gym etc.

    It took several days to get used to it & now I prefer it over both of my others in general.

    The screen is excellent but didn't look as sharp as the Z10's screen at first. Now I don't notice a difference as I'm mainly using the Z30.

    This is the first time typing on my Z10 since getting my Z30 and it, like my Q10 now feel tiny.

    The Z30 is a pleasure to use in nearly every way so I would recommend it.

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    12-13-13 06:25 PM
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