Has anyone done it, and why? I'm thinking of doing so but not sure..
    03-02-14 05:33 PM
  2. b121's Avatar
    Yes. Very happy. Battery alone is worth it. Good luck!

    Posted via CB10 (7250 -> 8703e -> 9530 -> 9550 -> 9650 -> 9930 -> PlayBook -> Z10 -> Z30)
    03-02-14 05:39 PM
  3. conkybubs's Avatar
    I did but not really intentionally...had and loved my Z10 just fine, but the wife was given a Z30 at work, pre-release, but she didn't like the size so I got it and loved it. Oddly, I can type faster on the Z10 with the smaller keyboard but I just love the feel (solid, heavier, luxury feel) of the Z30 and the big screen. Oh, and the AMAZING battery life.

    IMO everything about it is just a bit better than the Z10, faster, smoother, battery life, big screen, etc. But it isn't really for those that want a lot of one handed use. And if you are into cases, there is not a huge selection for the 30...but I prefer my phones naked so ok with me.

    Posted via CB10
    03-02-14 05:50 PM
  4. mike-berry's Avatar
    I just did, waiting for it in the mail. Really excited. Battery life was the big one for me and because it's faster and more screen and some other features

    Posted via CB10
    03-02-14 10:50 PM
  5. Valker's Avatar
    I did. My Z10's bricked. The Z30 is awesome. Battery life much better. Keyboard great.

    Wish Veirzon would release 10.2.1 though

    03-03-14 07:45 AM
  6. MelCali82's Avatar
    Battery life alone is worth the upgrade.

    Z10 battery life is literally Basset Hound poo poo
    03-03-14 07:49 AM
  7. janzeeschuimers's Avatar
    Battery life
    Stereo speakers
    Bigger screen

    Posted via CB10
    03-03-14 08:11 AM
  8. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    Screen and battery life make it amazing. But for me, the Z10 was a one handed phone whereas the Z30 is a two handed phone. May or may not be a deal breaker for you.

    Posted via CB10
    andy957 likes this.
    03-03-14 08:55 AM
  9. pfl4ume's Avatar
    I just ordered my Z30 this morning and hope to get it this week.
    Before ordering it I played a bit with it in a Vodafone store and really liked it. Thing is that I'm not 100% sure about the size. In the store they had this thingy on the back with the cables, it's kinda hard to do a "real-life" test on it. I mean the performance was great, but you cannot hold it in one hand with that fat stuff on the back.

    Main reasons for switching are the bigger battery, amoled screen, stereo speakers and the better SoC (especially the gpu - I feel my Z10 has reached it's limit when it comes to mobile games like asphalt 8).

    Posted via CB10
    03-03-14 10:38 AM
  10. kjamc1982's Avatar
    Wireless charging is also another reason I love my new Z30.

    Posted via CB10
    03-03-14 10:58 AM

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