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    Fear of the unknown! Forget the App Gap, there is a BlackBerry Education Gap. In my humble opinion, there is a huge gap between what BlackBerry is doing and what people know BlackBerry is doing. I am of course not talking about people here on CrackBerry - you guys are clearly in the know. I am talking about people like me and the folks who are told by the media that BlackBerry is going bankrupt and the only choice is Android or iPhone. The biggest barrier to BB10 adoption is people have not been educated on what the OS and new hardware has to offer.

    The other problem is the mixed messages I hear floating through the media. I hear BlackBerry is going big on car OS. Then I hear they are going back to phones with keyboards. Then I hear they understand how important the business audience is. So, if I am the average consumer, looking for a cool touchscreen phone, I don't have complete confidence that BlackBerry is 100% committed to updating the Z30 and putting all the resources behind it. Compare this to Apple or Samsung - the average consumer feels very confident that these companies will be in the touch screen consumer phone business for a long time.

    Again, perhaps I am completely wrong about BlackBerry's commitment...but that would prove me right As I said, the issue is an education issue, so if I am misinformed, it is BlackBerry's fault My 2 cents is that more people don't buy BlackBerry because they just don't know what to make of the company or its products right now. Hopefully my review at least shows some of the cool things that BlackBerry is up to.

    Sorry for the long answer...but you ask a great question!
    You see that BlackBerry is doing a lot of things together at the same time, hence the confusion, along with the fact that the carriers are deliberately pushing Droid and Apple products. Carriers don't educate their reps on BlackBerry and in turn pass on the information to consumers from what they hear on the news. That's my 2 cents

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    04-05-14 09:29 PM
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