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    Apologies if I've missed the post explaining this issue........If there is one, the link to it would be great

    Before the Verizon forced update to -- I was able to set my phone on the "vibrate" profile and the phone would vibrate when I received a call, text, email, or activity from social apps (FB, Twitter, etc....). I could set the phone on "silent" and the phone would be silent if I received a call, email, etc....

    After the update -- Now if I set the phone to "vibrate" most notifications vibrate. However, I seem to get an audible alert if I receive a call, text, email from custom contacts and apps with custom tones? What's the trick to overriding this to make the phone vibrate only from ALL contacts and/or apps??

    ** I also tweaked up a custom profile, I call it "low", with the volume set at about .25 of the max volume. For when I want to hear an audible alert from everything, just not on full blast. Just like above, some audible notifications come through at the desired volume. But customized apps and contacts come through full blast.

    How do I fix this issue? Do I have to manipulate each custom contact, email, and app alert? Or is this a bug in the update.
    07-20-15 02:30 PM
  2. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    For your volume issue on your 'Low' profile, check each App under Customise App Notifications and make sure the Override profile volume switch isn't enabled
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    07-20-15 04:01 PM

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