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    I bought a PlayBook two years ago, then three more for the rest of my family after falling in love with QNX. My first BB phone was a 9320 while waiting for the Z10 to come out.

    I love my Z10, but my biggest wish was for it to be 5"+. Now that I'm in love with BB10, and what appears to be my dream phone (Z30) is coming out....

    The consumer side of BBRY appears to be on the verge of going away.

    Can I buy a Z30 with any hope that BBRY will continue to refine and fix BB10, or that developers will bring any new apps to the platform?
    09-20-13 04:23 PM
  2. anon6113468's Avatar
    I honestly think they will continue to do upgrades for at least two years, so I think you're good to go.
    09-20-13 04:27 PM
  3. Dzyen's Avatar
    There will definitely be iterations on and following 10.2, so I'm pretty sure you will be okay in terms of OS upgrades for the short term. Whether we reach and surpass 10.3 in the future is something everyone's praying for!

    In terms of apps, it's definite that many developers are getting on board instead of getting off. Personally, I see the app space growing on a daily basis with better and newer apps, the most recent being Flipboard. But for the apps that aren't available, we have side loading!

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    09-20-13 04:29 PM
  4. eldricho's Avatar
    Well I think we will keep seeing updates to the phone, but I'm not really sure on the apps side in BB World..
    It's still growing and probably will continue growing, but it's the big name devs I hesitate about. Hope they make good use of the new JB runtime and at least port their apps over
    09-20-13 04:30 PM

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