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    IS there an alternative keyboard layout for the Z30. I find the delete and the send key too close together and it leads to too many errors and extra time. I'd like to separate those keys somehow!!
    05-11-15 03:00 PM
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    Don't believe you can do it. I experienced the same issues when I first started using the Z30. I've gotten used to it....never make the mistake anymore.
    That's all I've got for you.
    Cheers Jeff

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    05-11-15 10:18 PM
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    You can change the Send key into a Return key for text messages.

    Go to the HUB and select text messages. Then tap on the three dots at the bottom right and select Settings. From there select text settings and then un-check the "Use enter key to send." It will be second from the top.

    The enter key is replaced with a return key. Now when you press it the cursor will go to the next line instead of sending the text message (like when writing an email). You can send the message by tapping the small envelope above the keyboard. But now be careful when tapping the O letter or you might accidentally send the text too soon.

    That's the only way I know to change it, and only for text messages. Hope it helps.

    Is there an alternate keyboard layout on the Z30?-img_20150512_124317.png

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    Attached Thumbnails Is there an alternate keyboard layout on the Z30?-img_20150512_124303.png  
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    05-12-15 01:54 PM

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