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    I have had a Z30 for about a year now. No major problems except for the UK T-Mobile 'Timewarp' issue which I won't go into here...

    Since the last upgrade (Z30STA100-2/ I have been having some problems with notifications. These have crystallised a bit now, and basically the phone is marking all incoming SMS messages as 'read' as soon as they arrive, and not generating any notification for them. There is other weirdness, i.e. some phantom notifications for other apps, but this is the main problem.

    I have security wiped and reinstalled the OS via autoloader, but still see the same problem. This is a deal-breaker for me, and I'm going to revert to a Nokia E7 (genuinely) until I can resolve it. I've also tried reinstalling via Link, same story. My wife is having some issues with her Z10 since upgrade, also (different network).

    I've searched the Web but can't find any related issues.



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    10-25-15 10:36 AM

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