1. Carterbits's Avatar
    I love my Wrangler tech pocket, which fits the Z10 perfectly.

    Really the only thing holding me back from the Z30 is that I need jeans just like the Wranglers, only with a larger tech pocket :-D

    Anybody found some yet?

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    11-14-13 08:17 PM
  2. MisterShark's Avatar
    Funny you mention this: you just made me remember something I'd completely forgotten about in my excitement to order my Z30. My work slacks are all Jos. A Banks 'Traveler' series, and one of the things I like about them is the fact that the little inner pocket accomodates my Z10 perfectly. I highly doubt my Z30 (ETA: tomorrow) is going to fit it.
    11-14-13 10:39 PM
  3. MisterShark's Avatar
    As predicted my Z30 is too large for my work slacks

    Anyone in the corporate world that has a Z30 and has found a brand of work pants that has an inner front pocket large enough to accommodate it: please chime in.
    11-28-13 12:32 AM

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