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    There I was,...at the V-Store toying again with the Big Red's display Z30. I've been wanting to do a comparison of screen brightness between my Z10 and the Z30. On several visits, the Big Red associates claimed they didn't know the Password. Well guess what? I now know by making a simple guess.

    If you at the V-Store, just put two and two together and you'll get the PW so that you can enter the Settings.

    If you succeed,...and post it, they are sure to change it.


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    03-12-14 06:29 PM
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    Double-Hmmm, because CB doesn't like short posts!
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    03-12-14 07:28 PM
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    My wife is a mall addict, i don't mind.... i spend my time at the vz stores playing with the z30 display .... i don't want to burst your bubble but the password is anything you input. put anything next time and see it unlock. At first i thought i had guessed it as well . But then I tried another password and it unlocks. I have tried at least 5 vz stores and anything unlocks the phone

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    03-12-14 11:04 PM
  4. JMDBERRY's Avatar
    Thx,...my bubble has been burst!

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    03-13-14 07:37 AM

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