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    Info on switching from a older BB to a Z30
    3m ago

    Fyi...The Z30 comes loaded with "BB Protect" app, but it no longer backs up contacts calendar, or contact group emails. It is basically only a locator app in case u lose ur phone. Sad, cuz It always backed up my data on the BB server, not just on the Desktop Manager, which isn't as safe as a cloud backup.....HOWEVER, u can use "Protect" one more time, and that's when ur setting up ur Z30 for the first time. At that time u can go to "Protect" and hit Restore. That will bring ur contacts, and more importantly, your contact groups over from ur Bold (in my case) to ur Z30. That's big for me cuz I have 100's of contacts in email groups, and as yet, there is no way to restore contacts groups, like BB Protect always did on the legacy BB's....just wanted to pass this on to anyone concerned about losing their groups...oops, one more thing. Until an update comes out, there is no way to send email groups on a Z30...so u can download SMSbyNow app to create and send group emails from a Z30. It's a great app. Btw, if anyone knows of a way or an app to backup and restore contact groups, please pass it on...please!
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    11-16-13 08:28 PM
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    Thanks for the info. Yes the switch is certainly not seamless as it coule be. Protect is highly crippled on BB10 i think compared to that of the OS7 series
    11-16-13 08:59 PM

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