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    I got my Z10 in April as soon as it was released by carriers in my country (Bermuda). I love the phone and have installed numerous leaks etc. That I have found only make the device better. Never had any reboots or any other problems at all.

    The Z30 has still not been released officially here but I purchased a STA 100-2 model from an electronics importer approx a month ago. I kept using my Z10 up until a few days ago because I could find no decent cases here and didn't want to damage my new baby.. lol. I got a cheap leather case for now and set up the Z10 for my wife. I used to compare the devices side by side to judge the screen etc. You do notice the difference in sharpness and brightness when holding them Together in such a way but after using the Z30 for a couple of days I no longer feel that it is dim. I installed 1809 on my Z10 and love it. The Z30 seems more fluid and doesn't have a hint of lag on this OS when compared to the Z10. The Z30's glass is also much smoother... slicker... just better glass than the z10.. it is a joy to the fingertips. I totally pleased with purchase and hopefully BlackBerry puts out a better model next year so I can buy that as well. I paid $850 for my Z10 and $875 for my Z30 here so it makes me laugh when members on this site complain about the devices prices lol.

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    12-10-13 12:11 PM
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    Congrats! Wish I could get a Z30.
    12-10-13 12:14 PM
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    I have Z10 and Z30 also. Like you, my impressions are that the two screens are both good, that the Z30 is faster and lagless, that the price I paid was worth it, and that there are a large number of posts in CB from people hoping to shave off a few dollars.

    For the moment I have both phones. Once in a while I move the SIM card from one phone to the other, see which apps complain about not having BBM access, and learn what I can about backups (photos, etc), memory consumption, email settings, and anything else.

    I'll sell one of the two phones soon.

    Having had both Z10 and Z30 I am now more forgiving of the Z10 since I can see what the Z10 shall become gradually as future OS updates shall probably include OS optimization, and thus the Z10 shall become smoother and smoother, faster and faster. My prediction.

    Both phones run everything at same version number. All official release versions. OS version and software release

    Z30 has twice as long battery.
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    12-10-13 03:24 PM
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    12-11-13 12:35 PM

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